Providing Healthcare Services Through Volunteering

We are leading arranger of medical electives and health care volunteer work for all medical/healthcare professionals and students

Medical Volunteering!

An amazing opportunity to gain life changing medical experience while providing much needed care to disadvantaged people without proper access to healthcare.

Fulfil your passion for medical work and gain valuable experience while on a life changing adventure
Experience the feeling of saving lives and providing much-needed care to those who would not get it without you
We always make sure you’re safe and comfortable, and vet all our clinics and facilities.
Join an incredibly affordable program trusted by over 22,000 since 2013
Right this moment, many people in Kenya who are in desperate need of your help. Will you answer the call?


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Medical Volunteering!

What We Do

Medical Service Provision:

Our teams of volunteer medical specialists and students interns provide treatment and surgery to those most in need in the areas of orthopaedics, clubfoot, gastroenterology, urology,gynaecology/obstetrics, ENT, Nursing, Midwiffery,Phamacy,Dentisry,general medicine and paediatric surgery.

Skills Transfer and Training:

Each medical trip incorporates training components where volunteer specialists provide teaching and mentoring to local medical personnel. This may be through observation of a procedure, formal training sessions or structured teaching programs such as the Nurses Training Program or Basic Orthopaedic Management Course in Trauma. KHS also provides a scholarship program to assist community healthcare volunteers to access specialist training in kenya.

Hospital Infrastructure Development

The Hospitals Project’ identifies public hospitals suitable for renovation. These projects also include the provision of donated and purchased medical equipment, implants and supplies.

Advanced Development:

Well-established Clubfoot Programs in Kenya and Uganda have significantly progressed the early screening and treatment of clubfoot. With the training of in-country technicians and establishment of clubfoot clinics the debilitating condition can now be detected at a very early age and successfully treated with minimal impact to the family or patient. KHS has participated in strategic planning and collaboration to progress the provision of orthopaedics, gastroenterology and clubfoot. Our reputation as a leader in healthcare provision to the poorest people of East Africa has also led us to have strong relationships with government agencies and in-country partners, such as hospitals and NGOs.
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Highly Trusted & Professional An Amazing Opportunity To Gain Life Changing Medical Experience While Providing Much Needed Care To Disadvantaged People Without Proper Access To Healthcare

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